About g.fantasy

g.fantasy, the league started just like any other fantasy baseball league in 2001…a group of friends decided to try the new hotness as the internet continued to grow and technology progressed. As you would imagine, the first year was extremely basic by today’s standards; from the scoring system to the functionality of AOL’s free fantasy baseball service. However, the 10 owners who participated in g.fantasy’s inaugural season enjoyed themselves so much, they came back over and over again. Each year, we made adjustments to make the league better. The league has now been in existence for over 10 years, has a constitution almost 10 pages long and still, we have arguments on draft day! Maybe that’s what keeps us close and coming back for more. Maybe it’s the constant trash talk or that one owner you can’t stand in more ways than one or maybe it’s an excuse to see someone once a year on draft day or maybe it’s just to get together for ice cold beverages. Whatever the reason is, the majority of us have been together now for 10 + years and have enjoyed the experience year after year. started as a project in college. It was an instant success within the league and continued the following year under the domain ‘’. By the beginning of the fourth season, ‘g.fantasy’ was born and at the start of the fifth season, g.fantasy became a keeper league. Today, we like to believe that g.fantasy is a premier fantasy baseball league with a waiting list that continues to grow.

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