2017 Trades with Draft Picks

August 3, 2017
CHRIS S Gives Up: Jose Quintana and a 2018 10th round pick
CHRIS S Gets: Rick Porcello and Terry’s 2018 4th round pick

TERRY O Gives Up: Rick Porcello and a 2018 4th round pick
TERRY O Gets: Jose Quintana and Chris S 2018 10th round pick

July 24, 2017
PANTELI D Gives Up: Michael Fulmer and a 2018 17th round pick
PANTELI D Gets: Eric Thames and Terry’s 2018 5th round pick

TERRY O Gives Up: Michael Fulmer and a 2018 5th round pick
TERRY O Gets: Eric Thames and Panteli D’s 2018 17th round pick

July 23, 2017
CHRIS S Gives Up: John Lackey and a 2018 2nd round pick
CHRIS S Gets: David Price and Michael’s 2018 8th round pick

MICHAEL A Gives Up: David Price and a 2018 8th round pick
MICHAEL A Gets: John Lackey and Chris S 2018 2nd round pick

July 23, 2017
PANTELI D Gives Up: Carlos Martinez and a 2018 18th round pick
PANTELI D Gets: Andrelton Simmons and Sarandos’s 2018 5th round pick

SARANDO Gives Up: Andrelton Simmons and a 2018 5th round pick
SARANDO Gets: Carlos Martinez and Panteli D’s 2018 18th round pick

July 22, 2017
PANTELI D Gives Up: Justin Smoak, Jedd Gyorko, Jacob deGrom and a 2018 16th round pick
PANTELI D Gets: Logan Morrison, Julio Teheran, Marcus Semien and Dean’s 2018 2nd round pick

DEAN P Gives Up: Logan Morrison, Julio Teheran, Marcus Semien and a 2018 2nd round pick
DEAN P Gets: Justin Smoak, Jedd Gyorko, Jacob deGrom and Panteli D’s 2018 16th round pick