2006 Draft Picks  
Round Alex T Nick S Chris T Chris P Steve K Dean P Chris M Nick T Panteli D James G Jim M Nick R  
1 AT1 NS1 CT1 CP1 SK1 DP1 CM1 NT1 PD1 Panteli D. JM1 Alex T. NO SNAKE
2 Nick S. James G. CT2 CP2 SK2 DP2 Panteli D. NT2 James G. JG2 JM2 NR2 NO SNAKE
3 Nick R. NS3 CT3 Alex T. Nick T. DP3 Jim M. NT3 PD3 JG3 JM3 James G. NO SNAKE
4 AT4 Alex T. CT4 CP4 SK4 DP4 CM4 Panteli D. PD4 Nick S. JM4 NR4 SNAKE BEGINS 
5 Nick S. NS5 CT5 CP5 SK5 Nick S. Chris T. NT5 PD5 JG5 James G. NR5 AFTER NICK R
6 AT6 Alex T. CT6 CP6 SK6 DP6 CM6 Steve K. Nick T. Nick S. Chris M. NR6 PICKS IN
7 AT7 Jim M. CT7 CP7 SK7 DP7 CM7 NT7 PD7 Nick R. JM7 NR7 ROUND 4
8 AT8 Dean P. Chris M. CP8 SK8 DP8 CM8 NT8 Chris M. Nick S. JM8 James G.  
9 Chris P. Alex T. CT9 CP9 SK9 DP9 CM9 NT9 PD9 JG9 Nick S. Alex T.  
10 Nick R. James G. CT10 CP10 SK10 DP10 CM10 NT10 Nick T. Nick R. JM10 NR10  
11 AT11 Dean P. CT11 CP11 SK11 Nick S. CM11 NT11 PD11 Nick R. JM11 James G.  
12 Jim M.  NS12 CT12 CP12 SK12 DP12 CM12 Panteli D. PD12 Nick S. JM12 James G.  
13 AT13 NS13 CT13 CP13 SK13 DP13 CM13 NT13 PD13 Nick R. JM13 NR13  
14 AT14 James G. CT14 CP14 SK14 DP14 CM14 NT14 PD14 JG14 JM14 NR14  
15 AT15 NS15 CT15 CP15 SK15 DP15 CM15 NT15 PD15 JG15 JM15 NR15  
16 AT16 NS16 CT16 CP16 SK16 DP16 CM16 NT16 PD16 JG16 JM16 NR16  
17 AT17 NS17 CT17 CP17 SK17 DP17 CM17 NT17 PD17 JG17 JM17 NR17  
18 AT18 NS18 CT18 CP18 SK18 DP18 CM18 NT18 PD18 JG18 JM18 NR18  
***Please Note:  This is the 2006 draft order.  This shows what picks owners have each round.***
***This is the most current draft order.  For 'in-season' draft pick trades, please see the 2006 draft pick spreadsheet***
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