2009 Draft Picks  
  Chris S Panteli D Nick R Chris T Steve C Nick T Dean P Alex T Chris M Nick S James G Jim M  
1 Nick R PD1 Chris S CT1 SC1 NT1 DP1 AT1 Chris T James G JG1 JM1 NO SNAKE
2 Chris M PD2 Chris S CT2 SC2 NT2 DP2 AT2 Chris T NS2 Nick R JM2 NO SNAKE
3 Nick R PD3 NR3 Chris M SC3 NT3 DP3 AT3 CM3 Chris T Chris T Nick T NO SNAKE
4 Chris T PD4 Jim M James G SC4 NT4 Nick T AT4 Chris S NS4 JG4 JM4 SNAKE BEGINS 
5 CS5 PD5 Chris S CT5 SC5 Chris M Alex T Nick T CM5 NS5 Chris T JM5 AFTER JIM M
6 Nick R PD6 NR6 Chris M SC6 Jim M DP6 AT6 CM6 NS6 JG6 Nick R PICKS IN
7 CS7 PD7 James G Nick R SC7 Dean P DP7 Chris T CM7 Nick R JG7 JM7 ROUND 4
8 CS8 PD8 Nick T Chris S SC8 Alex T DP8 Nick R Nick T NS8 Nick S JM8  
9 CS9 PD9 NR9 Dean P SC9 James G DP9 AT9 CM9 NS9 Panteli D JM9  
10 CS10 PD10 Nick S Nick S SC10 NT10 DP10 Chris T CM10 NS10 Nick T JM10  
11 CS11 PD11 Alex T Alex T SC11 NT11 DP11 AT11 CM11 Nick R JG11 JM11  
12 CS12 PD12 NR12 Alex T SC12 James G DP12 AT12 CM12 NS12 Panteli D JM12  
13 CS13 PD13 NR13 CT13 SC13 NT13 DP13 Chris T CM13 NS13 JG13 JM13  
14 CS14 James G NR14 CT14 SC14 NT14 DP14 AT14 CM14 NS14 JG14 JM14  
15 CS15 PD15 Nick S CT15 SC15 NT15 DP15 AT15 CM15 NS15 JG15 JM15  
16 CS16 PD16 NR16 CT16 SC16 NT16 DP16 AT16 CM16 NS16 Panteli D JM16  
17 CS17 James G NR17 CT17 SC17 NT17 DP17 AT17 CM17 NS17 JG17 JM17  
18 CS18 James G NR18 CT18 SC18 NT18 DP18 AT18 CM18 NS18 JG18 JM18  
***Please Note:  This is the 2009 draft order.  This shows what picks owners have each round.***
***This is the most current draft order.  For 'in-season' draft pick trades, please see the 2009 draft pick spreadsheet***
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